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Pierre Jean Robiquet (13 January 178029 April 1840) was a French chemist.He laid founding work in identifying amino acids, the fundamental building blocks of proteins.He did this through recognizing the first of them, asparagine, in 1806, in the industry's adoption of industrial dyes, with the identification of alizarin in 1826, and in the emergence of modern medications, through the

Born 14 January 1780, Rennes, Brittany, Kingdom

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History. Sparsely inhabited in early years by fishermen and charcoal producers, the island gained fame in the 1960s with deep sea fishermen. The first resort was built in 1993 in an era described by critics as "tourist apartheid", as Cuban citizens were not allowed on the island unless they worked at the resorts serving tourists or had other specific permission.

Country Cuba

BingoFuel (Alternative Fuels researches) by Jean-Louis Naudin

Plasma Fuel Reforming with the PMC. The bubbler is a tank containing a mixture of water and hydrocabures (gasoline, diesel, kerosene, crude oils and others derived from hydrocarbons).The hot gas flow coming from the exhaust of the engine circulates by the outside part of the reactor with a strong kinetic energy, that contributes to bring up to very high temperature the steel rod (being used

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Latest posts. At KhPI was discussed how to teach inventions commercialization skills 15.11.2019 The number of Turkish students increased in KhPI 08.11.2019 The creation of a Ukrainian-Chinese scientific center was discussed at NTU "KhPI" 31.10.2019 Polytechnic graduates from Morocco have visited their alma mater 25.10.2019 KhPI is in the TOP of the best universities in Eastern Europe

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Tofo Beach (pt Praia do Tofo) or simply Tofo is a small town in southeastern Mozambique.The town lies on the Indian Ocean coast, on Ponta da Barra peninsula in Inhambane Province, Jangamo District, 22 km drive from Inhambane city. A major Mozambican tourist destination, Tofo is home to beach villas and diving retreats, with tourists drawn by a long Indian Ocean beach front and nearby reefs

Country Mozambique

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A different John the Cappadocian was Patriarch from 518–520. See John of Cappadocia.. John the Cappadocian (Greek Ἰωάννης ὁ Καππαδόκης) (fl. 530s, living 548) was a praetorian prefect of the East (532–541) in the Byzantine Empire under Emperor Justinian I (r. 527–565). He was also a patrician and the consul ordinarius of 538.

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